by Nasim Zawar, 3rd March 2020


On 3rd March, Karachi, Pakistan further meetings held between Mr. Bashir Dawood, Mr. Naeem Akhtar -ASF Foundation Director of Housing- and Turkish delegation.

During important meeting sessions, detailed presentations are done by the architects of the Bashir Dawood Masjid & Mariyam Dawood Park, which will be built with generous donations from Bashir Dawood and Mariyam Dawood and following important decisions are made.


  • Conceptual positioning of the overall project
  • Positioning of the project, ground mosque, surrounding facilities and martyrdom
  • Overall esthetics of the project,beauty of the design and further details regarding both exterior and interior of the architecture
  • Green area, water features of the Mariyam Dawood Park, ritual experiences, ideas and further enhancements, playground for children and other activities
  • Carbon neutrality of the project is emphasized, different applications to be used
  • Technology aspect of the project, usage of new tech solutions
  • Pedestrian axis of the project complex, ease of access for elderly population

Preview of Bashir Dawood Masjid

Turkey based architecture firms, Oda Tasarim & LD Architects, are selected for the design and architecture services of Bashir Dawood Mosque & Mariyam Dawood Park while LD Consulting is responsible for project coordination.


Oda Tasarim is a well-known architecture firm from Turkey. Its founder and owner Mr. Kevork Özkaragöz, will be the lead architect of the Bashir Dawood Mosque & Mariyam Dawood Park, mainly responsible for architectural design of the desired masterpiece. Mr. Özkaragöz has been in service since 1989 and has specialized in architecture, construction & restoration projects.

LD Architect is a globally known interior design and decoration firm based in Turkey. Its founder Ms. Anastasiia Leonidova Doğan has been in business more than 15 years completed projects in different continents, countries and cities all over the world. Ms. Leonidova Dogan will be taking the lead of interior design of the Bashir Dawood Mosque in ASF Housing Scheme. Ms. Leonidova Dogan’s expertise comes with the harmonious and comfortable interiors, created projects both residential and public spaces.

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