in ASF City Housing Scheme in Karachi, Pakistan

by Nasim Zawar, 26th May 2020

Mariam Dawood Park will be built with generous donations from Bashir Dawood and Mariyam Dawood to attract families, providing greenery, walking spaces, water features, botanical garden consisting of different gardens, trees and a water pond with full of different kind of fish populations. The landscape design is planned based on Baroque inspired architecture of the Bashir Dawood Masjid.


Preview of Mariyam Dawood Park


The park will have different garden sections such as Fruit Garden, Color Garden, Baroque Garden, Ficus Garden, Pomegranate Garden, Jacaranda Garden, Fragrant Garden, Rose Garden, Olive Garden, Lemon Garden, Delonix Regia & Rock Garden, Herbaceous Plants Area, Solitaire Plant Areas, Topiary Plants & Gravel Area, Grass Areas, Planting Areas, Picnic Areas for visitors & families, Resting & Seating Areas, Playground for Kids, Shade Planting for Vehicles. Other important sections of the park will be as follows;

  • Crescent – Star, Flag of Pakistan
  • Seeding Boxes for Shuhada
  • Solar Panels
  • Martyrdom
  • Holy Quran Plants Exhibition Area


Crescent – Star, Flag of Pakistan

A crescent-star figure which represents the flag of Pakistan, is used in the monumental area and near the main mosque building.

Preview of Crescent-Star Figures at Mariyam Dawood Park


Seeding Boxes for Shuhada

A symbolic planting area is placed for the purpose of commemoration of the falling heroes.

Preview of Seeding Boxes for Shuhada at Mariyam Dawood Park


Solar Panels

A carbon neutral solar panels will be used on top of the parking lots.

Preview of Solar Panels at Mariyam Dawood Park


A martyrdom, dedicated to Shuhada of twelve brave ASF soldiers, who bravely and fearlessly fought back when a terrorist attack took place at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, Pakistan on 8 June 2014.

Preview of Martyrdom at Mariyam Dawood Park

Holy Quran Plants Exhibition Area

Plants and trees, whose names are mentioned in Holy Quran will have a dedicated section within the Mariyam Dawood Park.

Turkey based architecture firms, Oda Tasarim & LD Architects, are selected for the design and architecture services of Bashir Dawood Mosque & Mariyam Dawood Park while LD Consulting is responsible for project coordination.

Oda Tasarim is a well-known architecture firm from Turkey. Its founder and owner Mr. Kevork Özkaragöz, will be the lead architect of the Bashir Dawood Mosque & Mariyam Dawood Park, mainly responsible for architectural design of the desired masterpiece. Mr. Özkaragöz has been in service since 1989 and has specialized in architecture, construction & restoration projects.

LD Architect is a globally known interior design and decoration firm based in Turkey. Its founder Ms. Anastasiia Leonidova Doğan has been in business more than 15 years completed projects in different continents, countries and cities all over the world. Ms. Leonidova Dogan will be taking the lead of interior design of the Bashir Dawood Mosque in ASF Housing Scheme. Ms. Leonidova Dogan’s expertise comes with the harmonious and comfortable interiors, created projects both residential and public spaces.

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